The Fiores are  known for their love of family, food and fun.

In 1975, John & Donna Fiore moved all six of their children from Chicago, IL to Tampa, FL, immediately improving the quality of food in the Sunshine State!

Donna's passion for cooking was developed in order to survive 53 years of marriage and thousands of family gatherings. Of course, all six of her children followed in her footsteps and are wonderful cooks in their own right. Family parties are famous for the incredible food. It has been a dream of the Fiores to have their own restaurant and share this love with the world.  

In John's memory, Donna purchased the Sunshine Cafe - since renamed Fiore's Restaurant - in July 2016 and appointed her son Matt as General Manager and Head Chef.  Matt has many years of experience -  everything from washing dishes to being Head Chef and managing entire restaurant operations.  Together, they hope to build this cafe into a restaurant that provides quality food based on tried and true family recipes at reasonable prices.   

Renovations are complete and include a full bar, high-top tables and two TVs. The grand plan is to create a fresh new look reflecting the history and lifestyle of the Southshore area, while highlighting local talent in an atmosphere of relaxation and camaraderie. 

The following was written by John Fiore as a forward to the Family Cookbook in 1993:

“I guess my daughters asked me to write a forward to this cookbook because they know how much I loved growing up in a loving, close-knit family. A big part of that were the fantastic meals my aunts prepared and the sheer joy of many, many people laughing, drinking, and eating like royalty.

When I think about it, the family is just like a great meal. You don’t just make pasta. You create a sauce, spice it, add bread and a little vino.

It takes a lot of ingredients to make a family. All of us have, excluding spouses of course, Fiore blood. But the nine Fiore brothers and sisters brought some other ingredients to the family….Perrotti, Rulo, McParland, Rowe, Long, Fitzgerald, Juneic, Searing, Jamison……all were added to the mix. Then the next generation and the next bring their own flavoring, making us an “American Stew”, but glad for the Italian start.

Many are gone, but not forgotten, so enjoy what the Fiore’s do best. Buon Appetito!”